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As a result of Unbroken relationship of Politics and literature at school society partiality of literati could also be seen of their writings. Consciously or advertently a poet represents the pursuits of both one or different class. Marxism, first time in historical past, developed the speculation of ‘Artwork for Society’ whereas the supporters of establishment in society held up the dogma of ‘Artwork for Artwork’. Within the battle between these theories, Marxists by no means missed any alternative to show the protagonists of the later principle: however in Sub-Continent particularly in Pakistan the identical process couldn’t be carried out in correct manner due to ruthless assaults by the state equipment on Marxism. Each authorities in Pakistan prolonged its full assist not solely to the best wing non secular intellectuals but additionally produced and projected such writers as leftist poets or literary individuals who had no affiliation with the speculation of Marxism or with the working class. These components within the title of revolution oiled the wheels to crush the working class actions in addition to to avoid wasting the large pursuits of the dominated class and imperialist forces. Consequently ‘artwork representing the society’ was taken over by the followers of ‘artwork for artwork’. These for whom Socialism and Revolution have been their trend gadgets likewise their denims, clothes, hair fashion or smoking, turned the monopolist of artwork or literature for society. These monopolists along with acquiring financial benefits acquired their kin and so forth posted on key positions. Unofficial standing of sacredness was endowed to them by the governments and critique was banned accordingly regardless of this truth that almost all of them even deserved no literary criticism. Nevertheless illusory apply of ruling elite requires response to show hidden face of sure components.

Comparable is the case of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, who even was not in a position to be in contrast with the giants of Urdu revolutionary literature particularly in poetry equivalent to Sahir Ludhiyanvi, Kaify Azami, Majrooh, Gulzar and Habib Jalib. However lately on his centenary, he was portrayed as Marxist revolutionary poet of Urdu by the dominated class in Pakistan: a poet who neither remained the poet of working lots nor his poetry involved with the working courses. There at all times arises a query in regard of ‘poetry for the society’ that the place the poet is being listened? Faiz shouldn’t be listened in commerce union periods, in huts nor in working locations however is listened within the gatherings of civilian and navy bureaucrats, bourgeoisie, landlords, businessmen and conservative petty bourgeoisie, the place awkward voices sing Faiz’s poetry. Faiz himself was a poet of comparable and belonged to identical class. Prior to debate his standing as ‘socialist poet’ allow us to assess his self-styled political achievements.

Marx as soon as wrote that the philosophers solely interpreted the world in several methods however the true process is to vary the identical. How a lot larger ideological one could also be, how a lot books one might had learn but when he’s not taking part in his function in battle to vary the world he can by no means be a Marxist. Lenin emphasised that an individual far-flung from apply should stop studying and pondering.

Faiz’s becoming a member of of British Indian Military (B.I.A) is memorized by his admirers an act to defend Soviet Union in opposition to Nazi Germany.

Nevertheless circumstances and information narrate a special story. Becoming a member of an imperialist military to defend the employees of Soviet Union is past a joke. Faiz may be part of Soviet Crimson Military to defend Soviet Union however he joined B.I.A at a time when a revolutionary motion was erupting throughout India for which British authorities was in want of latest navy recruitments. B.I.A was introduced into play to crush revolutionary rebellion in India and to guard the imperialist regime. In Jalianwala Bagh a whole bunch of Indians have been killed by the identical military: Bhagat Singh and different comrades have been martyred by British Authorities in India. All these acts of B.I.A brought on irreparable loss to Soviet Union and Worldwide Socialist Motion.

Faiz can be thought-about as a ‘hero’ of Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case (R.C.C) deliberate by navy generals to topple the civilian authorities: although predominant characters of the conspiracy are usually not mentioned. What was the true scenario?

Socialism negates every kind of conspiracies and fully trusts upon the facility of lots. RC was allegedly ready by generals who have been sad with stop fireplace in Kashmir by the federal government of Pakistan contemplating the federal government’s step as betrayal   with Kashmir, Pakistan, Military and Tribesmen. Connection of communist get together with the extremely rightist generals in opposition to a democratic civilian authorities at all times remained a thriller. Navy operation in Kashmir is taken into account as an ‘idiotic determination’ of the institution: an journey which may destroy the peoples of India and Pakistan and may elevate non secular extremism in area. Such type of apply of Sajad Zahir[1] and Faiz is equal to assist of in the present day’s non secular extremism lead by Gen (retired) Hameed Gul or Gen (ret) Aslam Beg. It is usually stated that RCC was a preplanned drama to take harsh steps in opposition to the working class actions relating to which leaders of Communist Occasion together with Faiz have been nicely conscious. Placing communist members of RCC facet by facet with ‘Anirudha’ of ‘Sagina'[2] we might discover former extra outrageous. Main Ishaq, one the members of the conspiracy who in a while based a socialist get together,[3] was proud to be a ‘Main’ until his demise. It’s pertinent to say right here that a lot of the leftists have been professional China, a rustic which at all times supported Martial Regulation regimes in Pakistan in opposition to the individuals of Pakistan. However being a member of conspiracy of excessive treason Faiz remained behind bars just for 4 years for which he self praised in his poetry and claimed himself prime leftist poetic mental of Pakistan. If ‘spending time in’ jail is an standards for prominence then thousand of political staff in Pakistan, who both misplaced their lives or their properties, professions, sources of earnings and greatest period of their lives i.e. youth for political ideology however by no means compromised, ought to be thought-about larger than Faiz: I’m unable to discover a single seminar, TV channel program and even an omni listing of those that sacrificed for revolution. It’s unusual that the accused of treason (Faiz) spent solely 4 years in jail whereas accused of commerce union exercise (Hassan Nasir[4]) was martyred in Royal Fort Lahore.

Actually artificiality, hypocrisy and romantic idealism of Pakistani center class strengthen the false pretences and heroism projected by the state. For higher center class it was the supply of cheeriness whereas for decrease center class a technique to escape from their issues and difficulties for some moments: in such type of atmosphere poetry of Faiz grew up. (Afsan Chaudhry of Bangladesh labeled Faiz as greater than center class individual)

Faiz lacked strong imaginative and prescient in direction of the society and dedication to put in writing. Seldom had he tried to put in writing salute to like, seldom had he denied love, seldom had he desired to put in writing epic, seldom magnificence, and infrequently drama: seldom youngsters’s literature attracted him. (with a bourgeoisie perspective as Faiz admitted in his letter that he wished resulting from non availability of identical in market). For Faiz his poetry was not his goal however a job identical to of a clerk in an workplace who regardless of his displeasure has to review the information and to put in writing accordingly: Faiz made such admission in his following verse,

Hum Jeetey Ji Masroof Rahe

Kuch Ishq Kiya Kuch Kaam Kiya

(I remained busy in my life

Seldom have I beloved and infrequently have I labored)

It’s issues of consideration whether or not an individual could be a revolutionary who even doesn’t love his process? Then why media elevated Faiz? A non-public TV channel defined that Faiz couldn’t give time to his youngsters.[5] If a father is simply too nice to be broadcasted on digital media given that he couldn’t give time to his youngsters then why a whole bunch of hundreds are usually not invited on TV who spent their complete lives in battle and couldn’t give time to their youngsters. Hundreds of staff, working in mills located at Lahore-Shikhupura Street, Shahdra-Wazirabad Street, in SITE Karachi, Hub, Rahimyar Khan, Faisalabad, Kotlakhpat, when go away their homes early within the morning and after they return dwelling at late evening they discover their youngsters sleeping: thousand of fathers of Swat spend years distant from their properties working in coal mines close to Quetta: dozens died in mines and when their funeral reached their villages their youngsters hardly identifed their faces. Thousand Pakhtoons due to supply of earnings needed to dwell in Karachi or in Lahore for years. Thousand of decrease center class in Pakistan misplaced their greatest time of life in battle. The questions come up whether or not the standing of Faiz as father was extraordinary and peculiar to be mentioned on digital and print media? Dose it not specific the alienation of Faiz and of his class from society?

Allow us to scrutinize his poetry and his stand for.

Delusion that Faiz belonged to high school of thought representing ‘Artwork for Society’ requires correction.

His mom language and the language of the society the place he lived was Punjabi however we discover hardly some poems in the identical language in any other case his total poetry is in Urdu language, the official one in all Pakistan however not the mom tongue of any nation prevailing within the Federation. The higher class society, to which Faiz himself belonged, was in apply to make use of Urdu as home language to maintain themselves above from the low caste[6] working individuals. The identical superior and ruling elite of Punjab with the collaboration of Urdu talking bourgeoisie of Karachi[7] intentionally inserted Persian and Arabic phrases in Urdu with a purpose to hold their dominance, to enhance Islamic Extremism in society for their very own vested imperialist pursuits and to construct synthetic relationship with so-called Muslim world (Center East International locations).

Faiz wrote his poetry in the identical ‘official’ Urdu, fully alienated from the downtrodden lots of his society. “Mehmal-e-Khuwab” “Hala-e-Aghosh” “Mashkboo”, “Sabaa”, “Lilla Alhamd Ba Anjam Dil Dil Zadgaan Kalma Shukr Banam Labe-eSheereen Dehnan”, “Sarwari” “Mushk Nashtr Almaas”, “Sarmast Shaakhsaar Do Neem”, Rasoo Sare Bazar”, Sehat e Daman”, Gardishe LailoNahar”, :Safeenae Ghame Dil” and “Taabe Gran Bari” are a number of the many phrases and phrases utilized by Faiz in his poetry which even are usually not out there in atypical Urdu dictionary.

Graving his private emotions & feelings in poetry is one other level in assist of arguments that Faiz belonged to high school of thought representing ‘Artwork for Artwork’ however not ‘Artwork for Society’. His tradition, civilization, private emotions, feelings, needs, love, liking and disliking developed in higher class atmosphere fully at odds with the working lots of Pakistan: so the identical can’t be the consultant of the emotions, feelings and necessities of the individuals at giant. Faiz’s total poetry revolves round his private emotions and feelings during which self praising can be obvious as he writes:

“Hum Parwarish Loh wa Qalam Karte Rahen Ge

Jo Dil Pe Guzri Hai Woh Raqam Karte Rahen Ge.”

(I shall hold citing plank and pen on

I shall hold writing up no matter my coronary heart feels)

What have been his emotions?

At a time when the nation was below worst type of Martial Regulation, poverty and unemployment have been on their peaks, torture upon political staff may very well be witnessed on roads and poor individuals weren’t in a position to run their lives then Faiz desired to run the enterprise of his paradise:

Gullon Males Rang Bhare Unhealthy-e-Nau Bahar Chale

Chale Bhi Aao Ke Gulshan Ka Karobar Chale.”

(Breeze of spring is filling colours in flowers

Allow you to come to run the enterprise of paradise)

Romantic poet of elite class being a lily livered was not in a position to tolerate the troubles of a revolution. He even couldn’t be thought-about a so-called socialist as his single poem in Urdu “Ham Bhi Dekhen Ge” (We will watch) can’t be stated a socialist one however a want for an Islamic idealism as he after the verse Jab TajUchale Jain Ge: Jab Takht Giray Jain Ge” hopes for rule of God:

“Bus Naam Rahe Ga Allah Ka”

(There can be rule of Allah all around the world)

I can’t perceive how such type of poem may very well be recited by Hindu agricultural Labour of Sind,[8] Sikh farmer of Punjab[9], revolutionary guerilla of South America, Proletariat of India, Communists of Russia, Castro of Cuba or Ted Grant of Britain in an ideological assembly! Actually Faiz wrote his so-called revolutionary poem below the impression of and limitations supplied by the ‘Goal Decision'[10] handed by the early Islamic institution of Pakistan based on which it was crucial for a staff to be a ‘Pakistani Muslim  Employee’. Bhutto[11]’s dogma of Islamic Socialism might be witnessed within the above cited poem.

The “Anthem of a Punjabi farmer” written by Faiz in Punjabi language is a poetic composition based mostly upon the anthem of Communist Worldwide written by Eugene Pottier, a fighter of Paris Commune 1871.

Faiz’s views in direction of resistance differentiate him from real Marxists. Resistance is the essence of Marxism distinguishing it from all different ideologies or theories. Concept of Historic Materialism revolves round resistance as revolution is the title of organized resistance. However Faiz was an ardent opponent of resistance: He overtly criticized poets and males of letters due to their writings impressed by agitation. He requested staff and different oppressed courses to not to withstand however to request for redress of their grievances. Actually he teaches to bear up exploitation, injustice, cruelty and corruption. He was advocate of begging and such ethical and literary impotence is obvious in his following verse:

“Ek Tarz-eTaghaful Hai So Woh Unko Mubarak

Ek Arz-eTamna Hai So Hum Karte Rahen Gai.”

(Rulers are in behavior to disregard as they could do

However I shall hold my begging on)

Internationalism is the elemental precept of Marxism. We concern not with the nationality of the people in political battle however a Marxist should, an element type his nationality, ought to maintain up motion of oppressed nations: he ought to be opponent of wars of ruling courses and each type of state violence in opposition to lots.

So far as Faiz involved, in 1972 he admitted that he had written an anthem in the course of the battle of 1965 between Pakistan and India because the battle for Faiz was a query of safety of the ‘nation’. Faiz didn’t increase voice in opposition to United State’s imperialist interference in Pakistan particularly on the event of U-2 incident and becoming a member of of CETO and CENTO by Pakistani authorities to make the individuals of Pakistan direct subservient of US imperialism. None can discover Faiz agitating in opposition to Imperialist forces in his poetry excluding his assist to Yasir Arfat, a person who had been dumped in historical past: the reason being the hostility of ruling institution of Pakistan in direction of Israel to flatter Arab’s dictators and emperors.

Probably the most regrettable and shameful perspective adopted by Faiz was in direction of mass execution in Bengal in 1971 within the palms of Pakistani forces and wolves of Jamat-e-Islami (an unofficial ‘B’ crew of Pakistani institution).

Afsan Chaudhry (author) of Bangladesh complains that Faiz remained silent upon the surprising massacre. The books of Faiz clarify his calmness: resulting from excited actions on the occasion of silver jubilee of Pakistan, Faiz gave choice to watching of six movies, produced by Pakistani state Tv, upon protest in opposition to bloodbath of Bengalis. Promotion of synthetic, rotten and decayed tradition of ruling elite was extra essential then any political exercise, that’s the reason he was appointed as chairman of Nationwide Arts Council in 1972 and in 1974, when he visited Bangladesh in official capability as an advisor of Premier of Pakistan, Bengali analysts discovered him representing slaughterers of greater than Three Million Bengalis. Neither Faiz neither condemned butchery nor may present his repentance upon the identical however in a really shameful method wrote the next verses coming dwelling in Pakistan:

“Hum Ke There Ajnabi Itni Mulaqaaton Ke Baad

Phir Banen Ge Aashna Kitni Madaraton Ke Baad

Kab Nazar Aaye Gi Be Dagh Sabze Ki Bahar

Khoon Ke Dhabe Dhulain Ge Kitni Barsaton Ke Baad”

(After an extended affiliation we’ve got turn out to be strangers

Cannot inform after we will probably be associates once more

Cannot inform when will see wound much less greenery

Cannot inform after what number of rains marks of bloodshed can be eliminated)

The final verse of his poem

“Un Kahi Reh Gayee woh Baat Sab Baton ke Baad” (couldn’t converse following all different speeches) reveals his lack of ethical braveness and impotency even to repentance upon bloodshed. Such type of cowardice is obvious from the very starting. Faiz remained silent upon revolutionary motion throughout India in 1940s, upon famine in Bengal in 1946, upon execution of nice revolutionary Bhagat Singh[12], upon bloodbath of Jalianwal Bagh[13] in Punjab, upon bloodbath at time of partition of India and upon bloodbath in Bhabhrra[14] in 1948. In 70s Faiz was a part of Bhuttu’s authorities which launched navy operation in Baluchistan: he averted to put in writing in assist of Afghan Saur revolution1978[15].

For Lenin Peace Prize half, the identical was not given by Lenin himself however it was Soviet forms who used to assist even counter revolutionaries forces all around the world as an example Gaddafi, Jamal Nasir, Saddam Hussain and Hafiz-ul-Asad.

The purpose at problem is to not condemn a person of center class however to defend Marxism. There are a lot of people who acquired and nonetheless benefit for themselves and for his or her households. However it’s compulsory to clear that Marxism has no reference to hole revolutionaries, absurd liberalism, synthetic and wretched tradition of ruling elite, center class idealism, chauvinist nationalism, slim minded patriotism and with non secular extremism that are identical to completely different chapters of identical guide pertaining other ways to deceive individuals. Marxism teaches to struggle in opposition to all these evils. Presuming that ruling elite of a rustic, imperialist forces and transnational corporations don’t assist above cited tendencies quantities to dwell within the paradise of idiot. Because the non secular components are requirement of ‘free’ Britain and ‘secular’ India so the non secular extremist institution of Pakistan has been sponsoring liberals and puppet revolutionaries for many years to cut back their self made frustration in addition to to render the individuals of their management.

Within the final I want to add that Marxist revolutionaries at all times acquired allegations of being un-civilized leveled by bourgeoisie: the identical stands out as the place of the textual content in hand as my phrases may be in dangerous odour with opportunist center class of the nation. However fact doesn’t require particular manner of description. It’s an English saying that ‘Coniine should be coniine however not sugar coated’.

[1] Self styled chief of Communist Occasion of Pakistan

[2] Indian movie

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[4] Well-known Communist activist who even left his rich household for his political trigger

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[6] Caste system based mostly on hereditary of career exists in India and in Pakistan

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[13] British forces surrounded a park and open indiscriminate fireplace upon viewers of a political assembly

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[15] Afghan Socialist Revolution leaded by PDPA

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